Hiresen Govender


Hiresen litigates extensively on behalf of the public sector and insurers, and has dealt with several high-profile, high-value matters. He brings an enthusiastic and practical approach to solving client problems, and has specialist skills in administrative, procurement, insurance, and maritime law.

Hiresen has chaired and supported corporate investigations and boards of inquiry into incidents involving injury, loss of life and high-value property loss.

He has also drafted opinions and advises the public sector and insurers on a wide range of matters in which he adopts a simple and practical approach.

Hiresen has presented seminars and workshops on a wide range of topics including, procurement, health and safety, and investigations.

He has an interest in technology and its interaction with the law.

2006University of Kwa-Zulu Natal - Bachelor of Law (LLB)
2007 - 2009Venn Nemeth & Hart Inc. - Candidate Attorney
2009 - 2011Venn Nemeth & Hart Inc - Associate
2011 - PresentVenns Attorneys - Director